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Photographer reveals tips on choosing horse art

horse art- Jody L. Miller Horse PhotographyHow do you choose your horse art?  What is it in a horse photograph that appeals to you so much that you can’t go home without it?  Is it the colors in the photograph?  Is it the line of the horses mane or legs that stand out for you?  Is it the background and location?  Over the years that I have been a professional horse photographer I have had numerous people share with me what made my photos click with them enough to purchase them and look at them on a daily basis.  Here are some of their answers and stories that they have shared about their beloved photos.

It’s black and white horse art

“One with the Sea” was an easy one for me to edit because the horse was white already and the majestic feeling was horse art- Jody L. Miller Equine Photographyso present already that it was not dependent on the colors.  It was a foggy day and so it all sort of blended together already but when I made it a black and white photo then it really popped for me.  I knew it would affect my audience the same way as well.   I made it a rather large canvas and the people who purchased it said that they had just finished a wall in their home that was a perfect fit for it.  When they sent me a photo of the horse art on their wall at home, I could see why.  It was a great fit for the decor.  I think the colors they were leaning towards were complimentary for the style they were going for, rustic.  I loved being a part of their story and also being a part of their home.  For them the lack of color and the hint of motion of the horse was the feel they were looking for enough to take it home and have it give back to them on a daily basis as they look at it.   I always enjoy hearing about the story behind the sale and seeing the horse art in the purchasers home too!  What a treat for me!

Horse art of many colors.

horse art- Jody L. Miller Equine PhotographyChoosing colors of your horse art can be spontaneous or planned by the buyer.  I have had numerous stories from horse lovers who purchase my horse photography that the horse in the photo looks just like the horse their Mom used to have, or they used to have, or their friend had.  I love that that is the case and most of the time when I am scouting out a great location to do a photo shoot, I am considering the background and what it offers to the room that it will end up in, translation – pretty and unobtrusive background.  I want it to be colors that most often feel relaxing, grounding, warm, connecting and mostly earth tones to go with the feeling of the horse being a focal point of the room and of the persons mood.   I myself, prefer to evoke that mood with the horse photo of a touchstone, whether for the memory of the photo shoot experience and leave it at that or of a feeling that I want to feel and add some layers to the photograph.  I have a lot of leeway in the choice of colors in my cowboy horse photography.  I can add just a touch of color to a scarf or to some boots, hat, chaps, etc.  and it will compliment the room that it ends up in very specifically.  I love to highlight the horses mostly and so I really concentrate on the colors that they are along with the background and lighting that the photo shoot will take place in.  During those shoots, I am thinking about how it will translate to the owner, at least a little bit but mostly those two things are what caused me to choose this particular photo shoot in the first place.   I understand that lots of people fall in love with the coloring of the horse and then relive that feeling as they see the photo over and over again in their own home or office setting.

Just the background

If someone is looking to purchase a horse photograph or horse art that is more of a quiet background then “Ethereal” horse art- Jody L. Miller Equine Photographyand “Ghost” come to mind.  Those photographs were achieved by taking away the background and leaving in just the image of the horse.  Which then feels like it blends into the background of the decor, which is interesting.  Both horse photographs hold their own as far as being interesting to look at and evoking a feeling as you look at them.  The colors are muted or subdued but the nuances of the horses presence still resonates with the viewer, in my opinion.   I like that I can offer these as horse photographs and as art pieces as well.  “Fabio”, “Shine” “Sun’s Glow” and a few others come to mind in this category.


Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  Arts Prescott Gallery, Sedona’s Village Gallery , Easy Street Galleria in Carefree and Dragonfly Arts in Cottonwood.


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