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Wind Swept Manes Collection

Photos of Horses on the beach! You bet I was in for that experience. In 2015 I was fortunate enough to attend a photographic workshop hosted by Tamara Gooch.  I had always wanted to photograph horses on the beach, and this workshop was exactly what I was looking for.  As a resident of Arizona, beaches are few and far between.

Getting to photograph with other photographers who are interested in the same subject is a fantastic experience.  And getting to learn firsthand from those that you consider “masters” in their medium is a delight as well.  Putting it all together?  It spells out a great time!

The workshop itself was an amazing experience.  The recipe of three days of taking photos of horses on the beach included two amazing Stallions:  Xander the Black Friesian Horse and Thor the White Andalusian Horse,  then add a talented and beautiful Horse trainer Ashley Morgan Rhodes that loves medieval costumes. The images that I took away from Florence, Oregon, are exactly what I had hoped for!  This horse photography collection is a point of pride for me, so I sincerely hope you enjoy it!  I’ve created other collections over the years, but this one took me outside of my own stylistic comfort zone, and I’m happy that I came away with so many wonderful images to share!

The Woman and Horse Connection

For many little girls the obsession with horses started with the Breyer Horse. Horse facilitator Elyssa Doner said “…we spent our early years admiring them from afar, watching them with a sense of wonder, and knowing that there was simply something more — something mysterious and mystical — that lived in the Realm of Horse. We find these things in horses. Horses are dynamic and powerful. They exist in a realm far larger than our own. Something about being in the presence of horses helps us to realize that there is a power far greater than us, and with this realization comes the ability to accept our humanity with strength and grace, and embrace the beauty of the vastness of life.”

Women especially can enjoy acceptance for the person we are, despite ethnicity, social status, religion, physical appearances, background and education when we bond with a horse.  Horses are non-judgmental and accept us for who we are.