Services from Jody

Jody offers multiple services to individuals interested in Horses and Horse photography, aka equine photography. In the sections that follow you will find quick descriptions on commissioned photography, workshops and client proofing.  Each service section contains  links to more detailed information about each offering.  Feel free to contact Jody for more information.

Commissioned Horse Photography Services Jody Miller

Commissioned Horse Photography

I love doing commissioned horse photography and this is actually how I got my start. It gives me great pleasure to make the horse’s personality come to life in the photo. Because of this you end up of with some really great shots that showcase your horse’s unique qualities that you are building your brand on. These images immediately translate to the viewer. It triggers a response and they then start looking deeper into what makes your horse the one for them and their brand. So whether the portrait is for enjoyment in your own home or the photo is used to promote your horse breeding program or your specific brand-Let’s line up a great shoot that highlights that effort you have put into your horse’s lineage continuing on down the breeding line. Click for more information.

Horse Photography Workshops

I have participated in some amazing workshops over the years with top photographers who are committed to going on location to capture stunning horse photographs. I love being on location and finding the shot that evokes the most emotion from the viewer. Here is my link to my own upcoming workshops and what I will be offering soon.  For further information click here.

Horse Photography Workshops Jody Miller