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Black and White Horse Photography

Black and White Horse Photography seems to be a leaning direction for me. As I reflected back this year to my exhibits and displays at Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery, The Phippen Western Art Museum, Talking Rock Ranch and even my own website and social media posts- I noticed a theme. The theme was definitively black and white horse photography.  In a newsletter I sent out a few weeks ago I even featured black and white horse themed art.

So, my question to myself is why these black and white horse photos resonate so much with me. There was a time when I was into vibrant colors and rich over saturation in my horse art.  Now I notice I want to be soothed and gentler on the viewers eyes. Black and White Horse photos are more engaging, allowing the viewer to settle in and really study the horse. Black and White somehow allows the viewer to notice all the details of the mane, the eye and especially the muscle structure. Not being distracted by color and too much action and activity presents a sense of calmness and connection. I present my black and white horse photos mostly with just head shots. It may be a windy day with a slight breeze moving the mane and the horse closing his eyes and the wind crosses over him.