Galleries of Equine Photography

Over the years I’ve accumulated a sizable number of horse photos.  Every professional photographer does.  There are those images that you never share, but are still special, images that you wish you’d never shot (but still can’t delete), and images that you want the world to see.

On this website you’ll find that over time the horse art galleries presented will change.  New additions will be posted, and old pieces will be taken down.  I’m looking to keep this website fresh and updated regularly, and that includes my galleries of equine photography.

Everything I’ve ever produced is not shown here.  The current galleries are samples of my overall body of work.  And what’s presented here will be changing, so be sure to stop in for a visit to see what new items we’ve added.  Remember, I’ve been shooting equestrian and equine photography for years.  If I put everything up into these galleries you’d be here an awfully long time looking through images!

Enjoy looking through my horse art galleries.  And feel free to order a print or two (or maybe even a canvas) if something catches your eye! Shipping within the US is included. Please contact me for International Shipping rates.

Horse Photography with a Dreamy and Romantic White Horse


The Elegant Equine.

The new Elegant Equine Collection released summer of 2016 includes some of my favorite images with the young Equestrian Model, Ashley Morgan Rhodes and her amazing and elegant Black Friesian Stallion Horse and White Andalusian Stallion Horse. These images shot on location in Reno, Nevada at the shores of Washoe Lake and in the grassy pastures at a ranch near Reno. The Friesian Black Stallion horse has a long black flowing mane that easily touches the ground. He stands strong and bold but has a gentle spirit. The White Andalusian Stallion called Thor from Spanish heritage prances and draws the attention of anyone in his vicinity. Each of these Elegant Stallions are a perfect match to Ashley and she masterfully maneuvers each horse to her commands. Click here to read more about that photo shoot and view the images of these Elegant Equines in action.


Wind Swept Manes

This is horse art gallery is filled with images of Andalusians Horses and Friesian horses on the beach. The gallery includes a series of images produced in 2015 from a horse photo workshop I attended in Florence, Oregon.  Click the image below to see why it’s so special!

Horse Photography -Andalusian Horse emerging from Ocean

All Horses

No people, no poses, no gimmicks.  Just horse photos as they are.  Like people, every one of them is different.  They have their own unique personalities, their own quirks, and their own ambitions!

Horse Photography-Strength Horses in Dust

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Prescott Arizona is where I live.  Whiskey Row, Wyatt Earp….there was bound to be a photo gallery of “Cowboys” and “Cowgirls” in my portfolio! Click the image below to see the gallery.

Dust Storm Cowboy

Wild Horses of The Salt River

Growing Controversy over the Salt River Wild Horses drew me to head down to Tonto National Forest and take a look for myself.

I hope you enjoy the results of my first photo shoot with the Salt River Wild Horses. I will donate 10% of any sales from my Wild Horse Photo Art Gallery to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG).

Stallion Fight -Jody Miller photographs theSalt River Wild Horses