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As a professional Horse Photographer it has always been my passion to take a horse photograph that whispers back to the viewer as it hangs on the wall.  At just the right moment I feel my finger push down on the shutter button, click, and there it is.  I have captured the most poignant moment of the horse and human connection. I am filled with emotions.  Giddy, yet strong, on the brink of tears for the heartfelt connection I feel with these amazing animals.  I know from my own experience that this moment will translate into a horse photo that will indeed inspire another.  It matters not if the viewer is a business woman closing the deal, the CEO that is rebuilding his company, the parents that are encouraging their children to believe in their dreams, an athlete finding his own innate talent or any number of other people moved by my style of photography.  I have found my calling and I know that through the reflection of my camera lens encouragement can spark inspiration.

“”The print came today and I’m as in love with it now as I was the first time I saw it nearly a year ago. I think it looks splendid in its new niche! Thank you again for your lovely work.”


Since 1984 Jody has been involved with horses.  Initially Jody moved to California to work at an Arabian horse ranch working the stalls, feeding and grooming horses.  Years later she found her home in Prescott Arizona, and continued photographing the powerful animals she loves.  Her professional horse photography goes beyond simple portraiture of horses…she creates memorable scenes with the horses she photographs.

Today Jody can be found, not clearing stalls and working as a ranch hand, but with a camera in hand photographing the magnificent animals she so loves.  She creates stunning equine photography for fine art resale, and offers commissions for proud owners, ranches, and groups.  Her work has been featured in galleries in the Southwestern U.S., and she’s been winning awards and the hearts and minds of equestrian enthusiasts for quite some time.

Jody’s fine art horse prints are available here on the website, as well as several galleries she’s currently represented in.  Be sure to subscribe to this website to stay up to date with Jody’s latest horse photography, her blog, a book that’s on the way and announcements of her showings and most of all her limited collection releases!  You can subscribe at the bottom of this page.