Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour

Horse photographer reviews Prescott Area Artist’s Studio Tour

Prescott Area Artist Studio TourHorse photographer reviews Prescott Area Artist’s Studio Tour


This year was not first for me on the Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour.  I had participated in the first studio tour eight years ago but this time around it was different.  I took the opportunity to show some of the canvases that were not in the galleries.  I loved meeting all of the people and seeing some of my collectors coming out to say hello, again.  Wow, what a dream come true for me to have people who feel so passionate about my horse photography that they want to collect my photos in multiples!  I am so honored and I really do love seeing them again and hearing all of the stories about where they hang their photos in their home.  What a delight that is to see their eyes light up when they talk about how they decorated their home with their favorite horse photos of mine and why they chose the spot that they did for it.   I also love it when they purchase one of my horse photos and then send me a photo of where they put in their home once they get it there.   The colors of the room and the color choice of the horse photograph and how they compliment one another.

Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour

Horse photographer talks home decor.

The Prescott Area Artist’s Studio Tour, for me, was in a vacation rental by owner right across the street from Thumb Prescott Area Artist Studio TourButte.  What a view!!!  The weather was wonderful, even with the downpour on Friday and people still came out to see all of the artists anyway.  What I found really fun about this site that I was in was that it lent itself to the feeling of having my horse photographs actually in a home setting and not just a gallery setting.   I felt like it was easier for people to imagine what their chosen horse photo would look like on their own wall as the natural light came in the window at various times of the day.   I had some of my horse photos lined up on the couch and hanging from the stair railing, and the lighting really highlighted them, something else that I think is a bit more difficult to create in most gallery settings but really helps make a decision when two people are deciding together.

Horse photographer takes in the view

Like I mentioned before, this year I was right across the street from Thumb Butte, a Prescott landmark and popular hiking place.  Quite a few people mentioned the view and I loved the location as well.  Another thing that made it especially nice was to be at the same location with three other artist that are in the Arts Prescott Gallery.  It was fun to see them doing well and to meet their collectors that came by.   It was fun mingling throughout the day and offering moral support and chat a little before going back to my space.  I had a great time there and would consider doing it again.  I appreciate everyone who came to see me and support me in my horse photography career, whether it be the ooooo’s and ahhh’s about my latest horse photographs or the purchases.  I had a wonderful time and I love being a part of the Prescott Arizona Artist community for sure.   I hope to see you next year but until then sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date on my latest releases of my photos or if you know someone who loves horses, share my website with them too!

Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour


Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  Arts Prescott Gallery, Sedona’s Village Gallery , Easy Street Galleria in Carefree and Dragonfly Arts in Cottonwood.

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