horse brand-photographs by Jody Miller

Horse photographer talks horse brand and emblems.

Horses as your brand.

horse brand-photography Jody MillerA Horse brand is wonderful, a recognized horse brand is even better but one the spans the test of time, is iconic. That’s what the prancing horse brand is for car manufacturer Ferrari, a legendary brand that spans the test of time and a recognized icon.  I sometimes see that a horse in a certain pose has captured those legendary horse brands in the outline of the photograph.  The prancing horse can be referenced slightly by the dancing horses of the Salt River as they square off horse brand, photographer Jody Millerfor the rights to be the leader.  Or the mustang that has been on the Ford Mustangs for years, I somehow see it in my running horse photos even though it was not planned that way when I took the photo.  Whether it comes out during the photo shoot itself or in the editing, sometimes I recognize a little bit of a brand in my photos. 

Horse brand starts to feel familiar

The safety of a horse brand is the familiarity of it.  The feeling that you recognize it just by the symbol and what it represents.  It takes years to get the feeling of a brand to that level but it does start out with a decision about what the brand represents and how to market it.  I don’t start my photo shoots that way, nor do I start out editing even my most artistic horse photos that way.  I do start out with what I want to convey to the viewer in mind.  I am hearing from my horse art lovers that they also are recognizing the brand of my work.  They feel familiar and at home with it.  Enough to expand and collect my horse photographs. 

Option to license a photo for your Horse Brand!

Many of the images on my website are available to license for marketing your own Horse brand. Winery, automotive, clothing, books etc…If you have a product that’s horse related and want to establish a Horse brand- why not use an amazing photo from


Is it in the editing of horse photographs?

horse brand-photographs by Jody MillerI mentioned earlier that I don’t really set out to edit my horse photographs in a certain way.  I just sense it when it starts to develop and feel like my brand.  Perhaps that is where my horse brand has really been created – somewhere between the shot that I took out in the field and how I edit it when I sit down to hone what I saw out there and what I want to share with my viewers.  I look for that same feeling that the iconic emblems on the cars bring out in people when they see them, familiarity with the brand.  It’s nice to know people are feeling this same feeling when they look at my work. 

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  Arts Prescott Gallery, Sedona’s Village Gallery , Easy Street Galleria in Carefree and Dragonfly Arts in Cottonwood.

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