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Horse book Review by Horse Photographer Jody MillerI have never been an avid reader.  I like to read but my mind wanders, so I don’t find myself reading all that frequently.  I do still have my favorites and I am finding that they are by some local Prescott Authors that are horse people.  I find that pretty fun.  One of those authors is Rose Miller.  We are not related except in our love of horses that is.   Rose is pretty interesting in her story telling in that you can really pick up her books and begin right where you left off.   


“The horse that wouldn’t trot”, Horse book

Rose wrote a story about her horse Praise Hallelujah and their adventures together.   Those were some adventures for sure as Praise Hallelujah was her breeding stallion and magnificently accomplished show horse for many years.  You can find her book here  I have never owned a horse but it sure was fun to read and go along with Rose as she prepped her tack and horses for the many shows that were coming up.   As I mentioned previously it was an easy read for me because I could pick right up where I left off when I set it down.  

The barn is full of Praise!

It was pretty obvious that Rose loved Praise and Praise loved Rose.  The barn was full of photo’s of Praises genes bringing in the trophies and riders having the time of their lives on those horses.  Memories that shone with horse book review -photographer Jody Milleremotion, even to me as an onlooker, seeing the years of dedication that Rose had had with these amazing horses under the natural light as I visited that day.   I met his daughter Sunday, black as the night and beautiful to boot.  It’s just something you can feel as you talk with Rose, about how determined she was as she constructed each show, what tack to use, who rode and when.  I love reading about Rose and her award winning horses and I appreciate her time and dedication to her profession of horses and the breed.  She uses her Horse books to donate money to horse charities and to give something back.  Go to the link and purchase one or two of them, I’m sure you won’t be sorry that you did.  Rose and Praise Hallelujah will sure appreciate it too!  It’s an easy read full of heart about a woman that loved her horses and in between the lines you sure can feel how they love her right back.  

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Horse books by Author, Rose Miller

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