horse statues-Prescott Arizona

Horse Statues on Prescott Arizona’s famous Courthouse Square

Two of my biggest supporters of my Horse artwork are local Prescott Arizona Realtors, Julie and Dennis Jennings.  Here’s a fun guest blog from them about the Horse Statues around the Courthouse Square…

Just take a stroll around the downtown courthouse square and you will see some incredible Prescott Arizona Memorial Statues.

Prescott Arizona Memorial Statues-Realtors Julie and Dennis JenningsOne of Prescott Arizona’s primary and well know statue is The Rough Rider monument on the Square, at the front of the Courthouse.  This monument honors a group of young Arizonans who gallantly served their country during the Spanish-American War in 1898.  It is also a shrine to one man, Captain William O. “Buckey” O’Neill.  The creation of Solon Borglum, it is one of two local bronzes by the brother of Gutzon Borglum who designed Mt. Rushmore. William “Bucky” O’Neill, one of the city’s most famous sons, Buckey O’Neill came to Arizona during the wild heydays of the silver boom towns.  He worked as a newspaperman for John Clum’s Epitaph in the early 1880s during the time of the Earp-Cowboy feud around Tombstone.  He was a member of the Prescott Volunteer Fire Department when famed Whiskey Row burned.  Teddy Roosevelt persuaded Bucky to join the Rough Riders and he led a local contingent of over 200 men to Cuba in the Spanish-American War, where he died. The statue was commissioned by the city for a fee of ten thousand dollars and unveiled in 1907.


Cowboy at Rest is the other Equestrian statue from Borglum at the Courthouse. An upscaled version of a miniature original, it was dedicated in 1990.

Prescott Arizona Memorial Statues-Realtors Julie and Dennis Jennings


The rodeo cowboy and horse statue that sits in front of the Prescott City Hall building is a horse rearing up while the rider hangs on, depicting the action and theHorse statues Prescott Arizona excitement one might see in the rodeo. Named Early Rodeo, it is the work of Richard Terry. 1988.  This beautiful piece was commissioned by the Prescott Community Art Trust to celebrate 100 years of rodeo in Prescott. The artist, a graduate of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, worked for the Buffalo Bronze Works in Sedona at the time he did Early Rodeo. Terry now resides in Whitehall, Montana, where he continues to work in bronze. Early Rodeo was cast at Skurja Art Castings in Prescott. 






horse statues-Prescott Arizona

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