Horse photo on canvas- Jody Miller photography

How to use horse art to create an impact.

How to use horse art to create an impact!

On occasion I get to see the results of how my clients decorate their home with the horse art they purchase. Sometimes they send me photos of the room once the horse photos are in place. Recently, a new client contacted me about a purchase she had made at Arts Prescott Gallery of three of my prints.  We spoke on the phone and she was going to bring them all in to The Frame and I (the top Prescott framing shop) to be matted and framed.  However, she reached out to me afterwards and told me she recalled seeing one of the photos, Shine, printed on canvas and then enhanced with a leather frame.  We exchanged some phone calls and e-mails. She was really looking for something unique to make a statement in her living room.  Since she was local, I ended up going to her home to make sure we had the same thing in mind.  She and her husband showed me the wall, they were having lights installed to accentuate the three photos they had framed locally at The Frame and I.  Wow! I felt really honored that they liked my work so much.

Horse art home decor and design -Jody Miller photography

They decided on a larger canvas horse photo.

After we discussed some details about how Shine would look on gallery wrapped canvas with custom leather work surrounded it, they ended up deciding to order a larger canvas of Shine and to leave the leather background out.  I ordered the canvas and during that time they hung the lights.  The day came when the canvas arrived and I went to hang it in their home in the highlighted spot.  It really looked great!  I was thrilled to see the way the light actually highlighted Shine and made it even more engaging by drawing your eye through the photograph.  It looks amazing!  I was really happy to be there with them for the unveiling of it and that I got to see it in its place on the wall. Their home was beautifully and thoughtfully decorated and I am honored for my horse photos to have such a presence in their living room. I appreciate seeing how it gives back to them everyday and how they displayed my horse photography to share with their family and friends.  I think it really enhanced their home decor.

Introducing my Salt River Horses wall art collection.

I was talking with another client of mine and she mentioned that she was looking for a nice photograph to go over the mantle on her fireplace.  I showed her Emergence on my cell phone. It’s one of my newest pieces and I hadn’t even displayed it in the gallery yet.  She asked me to come and show her how it would look in that spot over the mantle area.  This is really what I love about being in a smaller town like Prescott, Arizona and having the opportunity to do things like this with people who admire my artwork.  I am enjoying the moment of seeing the horse photo in its new home as the owner of it sees it being placed there for the first time.  What a gift that is to be part of that!

Salt River Wild Horse Art-horse photo home design Jody Miller photography


The horse photograph, from the lens to wall art.

From the moment that I frame up the horse for the photograph in my lens, I have an idea about how it will look hanging on a wall.  While I do hang my photos on the Arts Prescott Gallery walls, it is not a frequent occurrence for me to see them in someones home and on their walls.  As an artist it is very special to me to have moments when I can see how my art looks in another home setting besides my own.  I enjoy seeing the impact and expression on their face in someones living room surrounded by things they love.  It is just such a full circle moment that is really wonderful to be a part of.

Horse art photo home decor and design- Jody Miller photography

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at Arts Prescott Gallery, in Arizona.

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