Diva Pillsbury Wine and Jody L Miller Equine Photography meet on Twitter

How Twitter helped to get an Art Showing

Twitter gets me a great venue to display my Equine artwork!

Twitter leads to gallery show-Equine Artist Jody MillerI had been contemplating another gallery to represent my equine fine art.  My web site guru Rich from RLC Design, had been encouraging me to be more active on twitter, so this was to become an example of how that can work in your favor as a professional horse photographer.

Making the twitter connection.Jody Miller Equine Photographer and Pillsbury Wine

I’m enjoying twitter since my recent new website relaunch in March 2016.  It allows me to reach out to people that I don’t know and see if we can network with one another.  I did just that one day when I found  Pillsbury Wine Company.  I was looking for wineries that use horses in their advertising or their name.  I love wine, so that was a fun search to be doing.  I sent out a quick twitter message introducing myself to Sam Pillsbury and asking if they would have a place for me to hang my equine art photos in their wine tasting room.  Within a minute or two I hear back from Sam telling me to contact his manager in the Cottonwood wine tasting room to set up a meeting for possible consideration.  I did, she called me, we chatted, I gave her my website, she looked at it – she liked it – we set up a meeting to meet in person and see some actual horse photographs of mine, we did, she liked literally all of them, we chatted in person this time, laughed, planned the wall a little and then said “I will see you in June for the show!”  It was that easy, literally!  Hello twitter!!!

What a great pairing!

Red Roan Salt River Wild Horses-Equine Photographer Jody Miller

Red Roan Salt River

So I go in and I meet with one of the managers, who shows me the wall that I will hang my fine art horse photos on for the next two months.  It’s a great space!  You cannot miss my work as you come in the door, it is so out in the open!  They have a comfy sofa and inviting living room setting.  I could not have asked for a better setting to highlight my horse photographs in!  I am pleased to be showing here this summer.  How cool is that?!



Don’t label me, okay well maybe.

Roan Red Pillsbury Wine and Red Roan Horse ArtRoan Red leaped off the label of the Pillsbury Wines and piqued my interest.  “I have horse photographs of those!” I said to myself.   My recent photos from the Salt River contain a Red Roan stallion.  Good pairing!  I mentioned before that Pillsbury uses horse terminology for their wine membership levels, Mustang or Quarter Horse.  I enjoyed a glass of Diva Red while I matted my prints in preparation for the show.  Diva Red or Wild Child Red pairs well with my image of the beautiful red headed Equestrian and Model Ashley Morgan Rhodes.   My work will be up on the walls from June 10th until the end of August.  All images are also for sale on my website.

Sounds like some great time spent in a local wine tasting storefront is on my calendar this summer.  If you stop in, don’t forget that I can drop ship your artwork directly to you anywhere in the U.S. to make your traveling back home less cumbersome.  You can have some wine shipped to your house too and tell your family and friends about your trip as you open a bottle and look at my horse photographs hanging on your walls.  Many thanks to the team at Pillsbury Wine Company!



Pillsbury Winery Equine Art Show-Jody Miller Horse Photographer

Matching Set or Wild Child Red!


Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at Arts Prescott Gallery, in Arizona.


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