Blooper Horse picture-Jody Miller photography

Top Horse picture bloopers

Blooper Pictures that even the horses don’t want you to see.  Have you had an embarrassing moment in public?  What if those embarrassing moments get caught on film?  We see it all the time in movie clips or videos of television show outtakes.  I’ve had a few crazy moments when photographing horses.  Sometimes its the equestrian and sometimes it’s the equine.  Here’s some fun and silly horse pictures to share with your friends.  No animals or people were injured during any of these events.

The bareback Equestrian slide.

A few years ago at the Powder Horn Ranch in Douglas Wyoming I was attending a photo workshop.  Our early morning horse photo shoot was of several young girls that work the ranch. These cute young cowgirls were showing off their horsemanship.  One girl was enjoying her ride bareback.  They got to racing and she kept moving farther up onto the horses withers.  She slid farther up his neck as they galloped faster and faster.  I caught this shot just before the tumbled over the front of her horse.  Luckily she wasn’t injured.  She took a few minutes to get up and spent the remainder of her day resting under supervision.

Blooper Horse picture-Jody Miller photography

Western Lifestyle preserved in Prescott Arizona.

A few years back I was asked to photograph a competition of the Yavapai County Junior Rodeo Association (YCJRA).  It was held at the Prescott Rodeo grounds.  The competition was open to ages 3-16 and over 80 kids were involved. There was goat tying, team roping, steer stopping, goat tail pull and breakaway competitions.  Some events were just the kids and other events included some parents.  It was so much fun to watch these young and agile and often tiny kids go flying off their horses and wrestle little goats to the ground.  Many generations of family came out to watch and support these kids as they showed off their cowboy and cowgirl wrangler skills.  Prescott Arizona is very supportive of preserving the western lifestyle.

Yavapai County Junior Rodeo-Jody Miller horse photography

The quick dismount from her horse

Horse picture blooper Yavapai County Junior Rodeo

The not so graceful dismount




Adults vs Cattle Blooper pictures

Last year I did a photo shoot with a local Prescott cattle ranch.  It was branding day and several cowboys were tasked with wrangling the cattle and sorting them for their turn to be branded.  Theses guys dressed the part- blue denim Levis, cowboy hats and plaid western shirts. It was fun to watch these grown men take on the several hundred pound young calves.  Again, no one was injured during this adventure.

Cowboy western blooper pictures

Cowboy takes a fall


horse picture bloopers-Jody Miller Equine Photography

The calf wins this round



The horse pictures are cute and funny.

Horses can make some very funny expressions and get caught at awkward moments.

And just a few fun outtakes from some portrait sessions.  Not quite the look these girls were going for.

Horse picture blooper-Jody Miller Equine Photography

The windy photo session

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at Arts Prescott Gallery, in Arizona.



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