Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses-Jody L. Miller Horse Photography

Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses of The Hallelujah Horse Ranch

Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses of The Hallelujah Horse Ranch

Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses of The Hallelujah Horse Ranch. This photo shoot came about a bit differently than most of my horse photo shoots materialize.  I was on Facebook scrolling through my feed and came across a post with a tag from this ranch.  I knew there was a Horse Ranch off of Hwy 89 in the Granite Dells area but I had no idea that there were beautiful Spanish Horses living there.  I found Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses-Jody L. Miller Horse Photographythe website and reached out to the woman running Hallelujah Horse Ranch and inquired about the horses and the opportunity to photograph them. Deborah Lindsay responded back quickly and we set a time to meet.  The first meeting was just to scout out the location and meet the horses and meet Deborah.  She was delightful and very kind and shared a few stories about how she came to be the owner of several Pura Raza Española horses.  Deborah took the time to educate me about the breed as well.

What are pura raza española (PRE) Horses?

“The P.R.E. were for many years called Andalusians because this horse originated in Andalucia, Spain.  The purity and brilliance of the P.R.E. is world renowned and coveted. The Spanish Miliary have kept the breeding records intact since the 1500’s. This is the oldest and most significant breed of horse in the world as it has spawned countless breeds and betters most.”

” The general temperament of the P.R.E. Horse is one of intelligence and tolerance and willingness. They have an unusual desire to please their owners and try very hard to do as requested. They are quick learners and bond with their owners to form a true partnership. Their heightened intelligence combined with their willingness to please makes training them quite easy.”

Beautiful horse photography of the Pura Raza Española (PRE) Horse

The Pura Raza Española (PRE) horse is known as the Horse of Kings.  I have photographed the Pura Raza Española (PRE) horse before and feel very fortunate to add a few of these new images into a new Spanish Horse Art collection.  A special featured collection will be released in the coming months, “Hallelujah Ranch Collection” containing a few of my absolute favorites turned into real works of Horse art.


Faith Based Equestrian Facility in Prescott, AZ

Hallelujah Horse Ranch Photo shoot- Jody L. MillerHallelujah Horse Ranch is a full-service, faith-based equestrian facility providing equine therapy and horsemanship lessons.  Caring for horses for more than 30 years, our ranch is one of the oldest, full-service, boarding and working horse ranches in Prescott, Arizona.

Deborah has been operating the ranch at this location for 7 years.  Prior to that she was in Williamson Valley.

Her master horsemanship training on the ranch is emphasized with a Classical Dressage. The services include children’s day camp with horses and healing with equine therapy for Foster and CASA children.

Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses-Jody L. Miller Horse Photography

The Hallelujah Horse Ranch is also a Boarding facility. “We make sure the care and attention we provide is of the utmost quality because the Maker of the Horse is also watching. Thank You GOD for making Horses! We love them so and we know YOU do too!”

Aleluya por su Majestad Black Stallion offered at Stud

The highlight of my photo shoot was by far meeting Deborah’s Black Stallion.  Aleluya por su Majestad is standing Stud at the ranch.  This gorgeous Stallion is the son of  the famous Qualified,*  black Pura Raza Espanola, Horse* “Triunfador XXI,” commonly known as “The Black Treasure of Spain.” He won a High Point Performance Award in 2016.

Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses-Jody L. Miller Horse Photography

For more information, please contact Deborah Lindsay.

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  The Phippen Art Museum, Hart of AZ Gallery and Dragonfly Arts in Old Town Cottonwood and Coops Coffee House at Talking Rock Ranch.  Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery in Prescott, Arizona


  1. Wow! Not only did you do your homework, your sense of aesthetics is phenomenal. Wow! What an honor to have your talented work showcase the Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) of Hallelujah Horse Ranch. Wow! Thank you ever so much!

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