Commissioned Equine Photo shoot Prescott-Horse Photographer Jody Miller

Prescott Equine Photo shoot, Sam and Jubilee

A Commissioned equine photo shoot in Prescott, Arizona with Sam and his horse Jubilee. Commissioned Liberty Horse Photo-Jody Miller

I arrived at the ranch mid morning.  I was hoping to get the shoot completed before midday.  Shadows on the horse and rider become a challenge as the sun rises into the mid sky.  I typically prefer late afternoon shoots just before the sun sets.  I think the lighting in the late afternoon is more dramatic.  However, this shoot was to capture a beautiful, flashy horse and his young owner.  Sam is a junior equestrian rider and has been training and jumping with Jubilee at John Franks, Pinon Meadows training ranch outside of Prescott in Williamson Valley.  Williamson Valley is home to many horse ranches and horse owners.

Liberty pics of the horse, Jubilee running.

This horse boarding and training ranch is very clean and well maintained and had a beautiful large arena we used for turn out.  We did some liberty shots of Jubilee first.  Sam turned Jubilee out on the freshly graded arena.  I usually bring my partner to assist with chasing the horses and getting their attention and prompting the horses to keep their ears up when they are posing.  Christy and Sam chased Jubilee back and forth across the arena.

Commissioned Equine Photo shoot-Horse Photographer Jody Miller

Christy keeping Jubilee running.

Fortunately, there were very little distractions or background items that would need to be blurred out or removed later in Photoshop.  Jubilee has incredible markings and Sam had just given her a bath.  We had to keep her moving so she wouldn’t roll.  I love big turn out arenas.  Big arena’s give the horses a chance to really move out and big arena’s also mean the photographer and the assistants and the owners all have to move out too! Jubilee is a registered Paint Horse but moved with style and grace like an Arab.  There was even some snorting and demand for attention.

Commissioned Equine Photoshoot Prescott-Photographer Jody Miller


Photos on the Horse Jumping Course.

After the liberty shots we moved over to the jumping arena.  Sam walked the course with me explaining his route.  We were all set to get some shots of Sam working Jubilee and jumping over small fences.  One slight mishap which delayed our photo shoot.  Sam had forgotten his riding pants.  He had show attire to wear for the photo shoot but the pants were left at home on the kitchen counter.  I tried a few shots of Sam in his jeans and t-shirt but it wasn’t really the look they were going for.  So, we decided to take a break while Sam and his mom went back home to get his pants.

Commissioned Equine Photo shoot Prescott-Jody Miller Horse PhotographerCommissioned Equine Photo shoot-Horse Photographer Jody Miller








Sam rode Jubilee around the jumping course and made it appear effortless.  Sam continues to train and compete with Jubilee in the Prescott and Phoenix area.  I think they make a great team.

Commissioned Equine Photo shoot Prescott-Horse Photographer Jody Miller


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Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at Arts Prescott Gallery, in Arizona.


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