Across the Board: 2019’s Possible Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions

Across the Board: 2019’s Possible Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions

Jody L. Miller Equine Photographer welcomes guest Blogger Sarah Walker as she shares her Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions.

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Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions, Jody L. Miller Equine Photography


Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions

On third Saturday of May comes as the grandest and prestigious gathering of all horse racing enthusiasts at Baltimore, Maryland. The newest edition of Preakness Stakes is going to take on the said day.

According to experts and horse racing enthusiasts, there are more entries of  horses who will grace the tournament. The competition might be entered by newbies and veteran horse racers in the horse racing history. Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions, Jody L. Miller Equine Photography


With that being said, here are the list of 2019’s Preakness Stakes betting odds and analysis to beat the reigning winner. Here are they to get you started with a full guide.





Accelerate is the top choice and may emerge as winner. His trainers include J.Sadler and J. Rosario who believed that the winning spot would be on their side. Accelerate has a previous record of a great winning number streak.

Additionally, he has been a consistent winner in Breeder’s Cup and horse racing fans and experts are rooting for him to nail the tournament. Aside from that, his trainers are confident that being him favorited adds an extra confidence for them to win.


Held by Pletcher and Prat, Audible is considered to be used underneath. He has been a racer for eight consecutive years and with his eight-year racing career, he has won five times and never get worn out of money.

This racer had started a Grade 1 victory way back in Florida Derby held at the same location which is Gulfstream in Florida. Audibles amazing horse racing records might help him in earning a ticket to winning this year’s Preakness Stakes.


It’s a toss for Bravazo. According to some horse racing experts, Bravazo will be giving out a toss approach in the competition. Bravazo has been present in all major horse racing events in the past three years.

Although he has quite the experience in the previous horse racing activities, he has never won a title. Despite having ample money in his bank and a strong contender to look at, he may still end up a toss decision.

City of Light

To most experts, City of Light is the strong contender to win and beat the title holder. Although Accelerate emerged as the favorite, City of Light is a title holder for the prestigious Breeder’s Cup.Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions, Jody L. Miller Equine Photography

Furthermore, he is the only horse racer who beat Accelerate in two major tournaments namely the Oaklawn Handicap and the Breeder’s Cup Dirty Mile in 2018. Everyone is looking forward that City of Light will give a great and strong fight to snatch the crown from the current title holder.

Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions Continues.


This horse racer has won and earned a lot of big tournament prizes but has not won any stakes in the graded division in 2017. Since Gulfstream is Gunnevera’s home court,  experts and racing enthusiasts sees him to stretch his hard work all the way to make it to the Grade 1 division.


Today’s edition of Preakness Stakes might be quite different since they are opening it to international entries. Kukulkan is described by experts as the great pretender. Accelerate maybe the fans favorite to win, City of Light comes as a winning contender, Kukulkan maybe the newest entry that will serve as a threat to all racers.

He is unbeaten in Mexico for thirteen times giving him a title of a Triple Crown earner. His possible entry to this year’s Preakness Stakes will surely be a big history and experience for him the world of horse racing tournament.

Pattern Recognition for Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions

Held by Chad Brown, this racer holds an awesome speed when taking a race. He was able to win the Cigar Mile Cup in Grade 1 division and the Kelso Cup Grade 2 division respectively.  Though he has an incredible speed, experts still look at him in giving out a toss result.

Seeking the Soul

It’s a toss! This is also a prediction given by horse racing experts to Seeking the Soul. Despite him gaining a second spot in the Breeder’s Cup and a winner in the Clark Handicap, he has to work had beating first City of Light and Accelerate at the same time.

Something Awesome

In his 8-year old racing career, Something Awesome earned three victories which include a Grade 2 title in General George. He might also serve as a great contender since he plays as an obligatory runner for Gulfstream Pegasus Cup.

Tom’s d’Etat

This horse runner has won in 4 straight races including the prestigious Tenacious Stake. This race stands the tallest of all contenders and odds who may seem to use this as an edge to win against all other entries.

True Timber

This horse racer has never won any stakes in all major horse racing competition but won second place in Grade 3 Bold Ruler and Cigar Mile. Experts sees him giving out a toss result.

Takeaway on my Preakness Stakes Odds and Experts Predictions

Undoubtedly, the Preakness Stakes Horse Race will give a great show on third Saturday of May paving an amazing entry to all contenders in the horse racing arena with TVG. The Preakness Stakes possible predictions discussed above should give every horse racing fan a hint as to whom they would wage to slay a winning streak in the upcoming horse racing tournament.

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