Marketing Tips-Horse photography Jody L Miller

Marketing tips for a Professional Horse Photographer

Marketing tips for a Professional Horse Photographer.

Marketing tips-Jody L Miller Horse PhotographerI really enjoy living in a small town.  I say smaller because Prescott has grown so much that I can’t really call it a small town anymore.  One of the reasons that I enjoy Prescott so much is the way it still feels like a small town in spite of its growth in recent years.  A portion of what I do in my business is, of course, marketing my photography. While it is satisfying to have a new horse photo collection become available to the public, marketing that new collection has been an area that I have had to exercise a little more of my skills at in the last few years.  I am okay with that and have even had fun getting more organized and creative in this area of my business.

An exclusive look at my new horse photo collection!

Just last year I had a fun new way of marketing and introducing my latest collection of horse photographs, The PC-Invit-1015-BWindswept Manes Collection.  I had a private party by invitation only, to introduce my latest collection.  It went great!  I learned a lot during that experience and I am eager to find another host for the next release party. One of the things that I already knew and was making use of was the local paper, The Daily Courier.  I sent an invitation to the editors of the paper and to the local reporters so that they could attend.  I figured it was a win/win situation as they always like to run a story about what is going on locally.  It went really well and the photos of my latest collection went into the paper so that the town saw what was going into my gallery within the next week!  The article was full of details about the photos, myself, how my career has unfolded in the town of Prescott, from local awards to my photos being used in a nationwide catalog and magazine.  As a professional horse photographer, I sometimes forget to mention that about myself and my work.

Talk amongst yourselves because people need to know about local happenings.

Many local magazines and newspapers want to cover what is going on locally so that the community can stay a community.  It seems really simple to think about but it wasn’t something I thought too much about when it came time to get the word out about my work and when was the best time to do that.  Finding new, and fun, ways to get the word out about my work is becoming just that for me lately, fun!  It feels like sharing information about an event that others might enjoy being a part of too.  That feels easier to me and my creativity comes out in an easier way then if I just think of it in terms of my own self promotion, which can feel constricting.  Now I am excited to get the word out and I am even joining with other community members to help raise money for some charities that I believe in, that’s another blog though!  (Find that one under Horse Photographer Donates Artwork to the local community.)  I’m partnering to market and promote myself and other local organizations that I feel strongly about.  Last week I posted about the upcoming Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering.  I may not be a musician or a poet but I am an artist and I do believe in preserving the Western and Cowboy lifestyle.

Marketing Tips-Horse photography Jody L Miller

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about marketing with Social Media for Photographers.

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at Arts Prescott Gallery, in Arizona.


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