Launching my Photo Lunchbox Business

My new line of photo lunchboxes is up and running.

Feeling comfort from your surroundings and feeling loved and supported is still my goal the core of my photography regardless of what product my images are transferred to. The photo lunch boxes take fine art and convert it to fun and functional art.

photo lunchbox, Jody L. Miller Equine Photography

I am able to provide a purpose for all my photographs, not just the elegant equine photos. Although horses are my first love, I do get joy in photographing and observing other animals. The random goat smiling or chewing a stalk of hay, the monkeys being silly at the zoo or the crooked smiles from Alpacas and Llamas. Animals typically make us all smile and bring humans joy. Domesticated or wild animals.

I love the large Horse canvas on the wall but many of you have shared that you simply are out of room for your favorite photos on the wall. The lunchboxes and cutting boards and other photo items coming, are a way to enjoy the photo in your home but not take up that precious wall space.

photo lunchbox, Jody L. Miller horse photography


The idea behind the photo lunchbox

The idea behind the lunchboxes is to help kids and adults to connect in their daily lives. The lunchboxes are so cute, they are sure to bring a smile to the person carrying the lunchbox as well as those that walk by or look to share a table with you during lunch. They are a conversation starter! A good icebreaker. If you purchase several styles, the photo lunch box may even be an indicator of your particular mood that day.

Mothers have shared that the photo lunch boxes have enabled their kids to be more involved in the kitchen preparing and packing their own lunch. I find that truly exciting to realize my photo lunchboxes enable more open communication in a family.

I’m developing the line of photo cutting boards, coasters and photo tote bags, so stay tuned for those announcements.

For now, head on over to I Love My Lunchbox and check out the complete selection of animals, vegetables, horses, cowboys, cowgirls, landscapes and scenes available.

photo lunchbox, Jody L. Miller Horse Photography



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