horses in Sedona-photographer Jody Miller

Horses in Sedona Photoshoot brings me to my own Vortex

Horses in Sedona brings me to my own Vortex

I had the opportunity to fulfill a dream of mine recently (feels like I am saying that more and more frequently these days!)  and do an incredible photoshoot of Horses in Sedona. Almost two years to the day, I recalled wishing that I could do a photo shoot at the property that I was now driving to to do just that – a horse photo shoot to help benefit a newer horse rescue as they begin to establish themselves in Sedona, Arizona.  It was a surreal moment just driving down the road on the way to that very house that I saw two years ago and cast out my wish to the universe.   The weather was slightly overcast with the sun going in and out of the thin cloud cover.  I arrived to the owner engrossed in her daily findings and tending to her horses needs and then we went off to put them back out and to see what she had in mind for the shoot.  They had just enclosed an area for them to run around in that was not the forest area.  She asked me “What do you think of this for the shoot?”

horses in Sedona-photographer Jody Miller


Horse photographer taken by the backdrop

“What do I think of this area for the photo shoot?”  Well I was so taken with the scenery that was going to be my backdrop that I almost forgot to answer the question.  “I think it’s beautiful!”  I felt like the horses would stand out enough and not blend in and that they each had the right temperament to do the photos justice for her needs and for mine.   I was eager to get started, and we did just that!   I could see the horses being led into the area that was fenced off for them and they were ready to run a little, which meant that I got to start taking horse photographs right away.  One of my favorite things!  Wow!  Here I was living out what I had only contemplated being a fun experience just two years ago.   The horses were enjoying the scenery and getting one another to move in bursts of cantering and trotting so their manes moved nicely and their heads were high.   Each of them have their own character and personality that comes out in their faces so I made sure to get a few great shots of that.   The background is wonderful of course so it was not hard to shoot that as they ran around.   I can hear the camera clicking away as I am just enjoying Eeyore the donkey and mascot of Double H Equine Foundation, the smile on my face is broad as his ears come closer to me, investigating the sound of the shutter clicks.   A dream come true in a way that I had not imagined for sure.  This property even has a forested area thick with trees which created an interesting part of the photo shoot as well.

Horses in Sedona-Photographer Jody Miller


Equine horse photographer horsing around.

I have a great and unexpected horse chaser during this photo shoot.  I always take one with me, my partner always volunteers to be this person for my photo shoots. (Thank you, honey!)  This time however the owner of the horse rescue was the one who gladly volunteered to do it and so I had an easy time capturing the connection and love she has with her rescued horses.  I am happy that she can use some of the photo’s on her own website to promote what she is doing at this facility.  They clearly feel how heartfelt she is towards them and so that was another added bonus for me. 

Sedona Horses-Photographer Jody L. Miller

Last light Horses in Sedona

The last bit of the photo shoot was with “Poppy”,  she is still a filly and has such a beautiful personality that just greets you right away as you meet her.  She has a few problems with the way her front legs grow and an injury that she got before she came to Double H but wow is she nice to be around.  At first I just took her photo through the fence and then I had to get in the stall due to the way she was turning her head as she got some body work done by the owner of Interactive Equine Bodywork.  I am happy that I went in to take her photo, she came right up to me and introduced herself, minding her manners as she did so.  We had time for a few more photos and then dinner was being served and me and my camera were not as appealing anymore.   What a great experience it was, just as I had speculated it would be two years ago but I am glad the time elapsed and that I have the opportunity to work with Diana and these very special horses of Double H Equine Foundation.  I certainly look forward to taking a few more photos when the snow falls and enjoying the way my connection with the horses and Diana becomes even deeper.  Thank you, Diana and Double H Equine Foundation for the experience and horse photos.

Sedona Horses-Photographer Jody Miller


To learn more about Double H Equine Foundation and Sanctuary  visit their website. Double H provides safe sanctuary for horses, donkeys and other equines that have been victims of neglect or abuse and equines that are unwanted or on the verge of being sold for slaughter.

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  Arts Prescott Gallery, Sedona’s Village Gallery , Easy Street Galleria in Carefree and Dragonfly Arts in Cottonwood.




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