Horse Ranch summer sunset photo-Jody L Miller Photography

Get off the Horse Ranch and into the Gallery

Life on the horse ranch can be quiet and peaceful.

Life on the horse ranch can be quiet and peaceful.  Many of my clients enjoy that quiet lifestyle and especially the time they get to spend working and playing with their horses.   So many horse ranches are miles from the nearest town.  When ranchers travel into town, it’s a well thought out trip.  Grocery, Costco, the local Tack and Feed Store, the bank and probably the Post Office.  For most ranchers, their work is never done so time off the ranch is rare.

Summer time on Horse Ranch loading hay-Horse photographer Jody Miller


Well, summer has arrived and for some it also means that family and friends have time to come and visit.  Friends and family visiting from the City may enjoy a day or two on the Horse Ranch but then they may be itching to go on an adventure or into town to stroll the sidewalks and linger in the shops along Whiskey Row.


You may have to pack up and schlep into town again.


Taking Visitors Shopping in Prescott, AZ or your home town

Last week I wrote about the Worlds Oldest Rodeo in Prescott Arizona and a summer packed with events.  I encourage you to bring your guests into Arts Prescott Gallery in downtown Prescott.  Arts Prescott represents 25 local artists including myself.  I have my Equine Fine Art adorning the walls of my section.  Your visitors may find a special photo that will remind them of their visit to your Horse Ranch or the amazing West.  Coming into town is a distraction for your guests as well.  It helps get a reprieve from those lengthy conversations that ranch folk are not accustomed to.  It gives you just the right stopping point to look longingly at some favorite treasures that you are pining for while no one is the wiser, except your horsey loving friend or spouse that came along for the ride under the promise of some ice cream or perhaps a glass of wine and a steak dinner.Horse Ranch summer sunset photo-Jody L Miller Photography

A small, and local, reprieve.

I won’t promise that this will cure the dreaded time off of the horse ranch that you love, but I will say that it does bring you to a place where you can continue on, if you must, around the town and seem like you are incredibly hospitable to your out of town company.  I always try to feature some horse photos that will appeal to the masses that come through the gallery during the summer and I also try to include some spectacular pieces that lend to the start of a conversation about horses.  You can thank me by purchasing some of my work to keep on hand in your home for when your conversations with those same family and friends veer toward it being your turn to visit them in the big city.  It’s a gift to yourself that you will find keeps on giving.

Until the fall arrives and visitors go home.Summer time golden fields on horse ranch-Jody Miller Horse Photography

Until the fall season comes back around, keep in mind that you can find some really fun and amazing professional horse photographs that will make you feel like getting off of the ranch with company this summer is almost bearable and a bit pleasant to partake in.  I am happy to contribute to those moments in your life and would love to hear from you if the artwork that I have created has enhanced your time with company coming to town, or if you have just found this blog post a little funny to read!  Enjoy your summer everyone, thanks for coming to see my work and for your support, I appreciate it!

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at Arts Prescott Gallery, in Arizona.

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