canvas size that matters-Horse photographer Jody Miller

Horse photographer discusses canvas size, does size matter?

Horse photographer canvas sizeLast year I unveiled my collection “Wind Swept Manes” in a huge canvas size.  I had such a great time as one by one the canvases came to my door in larger than life size to me as far as the canvases that I had previously released of prior collections.   I unwrapped several five foot canvases and then became even more excited about hanging them in my gallery here in Prescott, Az.  What a really fun time hanging them on the wall as well, knowing that everyone in the gallery would come in and see the larger than life new horse photos.  It was really exciting to sell them in that size as well.  People love the statement that they make in the room.

Introducing my latest smaller canvases.

canvas size matters

This year, after expanding to three new galleries around Arizona, finishing up the summer guest shows in multiple galleries as well as planning my walls for my main gallery in Prescott, I decided it would be fun to unveil a smaller canvas collection of horses close ups.   I love the eyes of the horse in so many different lighting situations.  I also really enjoy the horse photo that I took called “Hooves in M’Ocean”.  Something about those horses legs that look like he is dancing.  Hooves in M’Ocean starts at 10 x 20. I enjoy the close up’s of their body and what they convey.  Some of the photos feel like art in a new way to me and I am excited to offer this to my audience.  I look forward to the stories that I hear about this latest collection throughout the year.

 Big horses, smaller canvases.

Horse photographer canvas size

I have always loved something about the square canvas sizes.  The Mane Event is a new favorite square image that starts at only 10 x 10. I enjoy how they all seem to convey smaller moments in time that bring back big memories of horses for not only me but others too.   These photos will be featured in several of the galleries that I am in throughout Arizona.   It will be fun to see the way the smaller sizes draw the viewer in to look a little closer at them, making the viewing more personalized.   It’s exciting to plan the unveiling here in Prescott at my gallery.

Connecting horse art and people.

The chance to reinvent how I show my horse art to the people who come through the gallery every day is something that I give quite a bit of thought to frequently.  It is an opportunity to be more artistic and to convey my love of horses through my lens up on the wall.   Most of the days that I work at the gallery I hear some comments from the visitors about my horse photography.   I enjoy the comments of course, however I enjoy hearing how people are moved by the photos, or even how they stay there and just look at them silently enjoying them.   That is very rewarding to me and I am happy that I have the opportunity to give back by planning the presentations for them especially.   I hope you will stop by the galleries and leave me some feedback in my guest books or sign up to receive my newsletters throughout the year.

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  Arts Prescott Gallery, Sedona’s Village Gallery , Easy Street Galleria in Carefree and Dragonfly Arts in Cottonwood


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