Friesian Horse on beach

Habits of an Equine Photographer

Curious of the what, where and why for a Equine Photographer?

I am always excited about photographing horses and bringing what I see to the public.  I have many opportunities that I choose from every year when photographing Equines.  It’s interesting to choose which way I want to go with my photographs for my next series.  I like the way the photographs shape up as I edit them and a work flow is established as I narrow down the images to become the next collection.  I’m able to keep my creativity active and I can see how the next series plays off of the last one or adds something to it.

Cowboy and Palomino Horse Photo-Equine Photographer Jody Miller

Equine photography can be so varied for me

I enjoy the variety of seeing horses by the river in Mesa Arizona the same week after having done a commissioned working cattle ranch photo shoot.  I love traveling to Oregon and being on the beach in Florence with a horse and rider getting some lovely romantic shots of the horses running in and out of the surf. Then back to Arizona, to the Friesian Horse on beach-Equine Photographer Jody MillerSalt River Wild River horses in my own state just two hours away from home. It feels diverse enough to keep me challenging my own ideas of what I want to see become equine fine art on the wall. Creating an art piece that would appeal to someone in some personal way.

Exercising my photography skills.

I exercise my editing skills for every different scenario that I end up photographing.  If I haven’t been out shooting for a while, then I have to get familiar with how my camera feels in my hand.  Light is so important to any photographer.  We’re waiting for the golden moment.  Then I have to think about the proper angles. What is in the background and will it enhance the image or will I have to photo shop it out of the photos.  I observe what the horses are doing, whether coming out of the lake or running off in a cloud of dust.  I am extremely patient during my photo shoots.  I’m not an over shooter.  I am selective and wait for the moments that move me.

The Why of this Equine Photographer.

I love taking photographs of horses!  I’m happy that I get to spend some of my days doing this, it is so much fun for me.  I enjoy the company of horses.  Their power, energy and ease of movement create a calmness in my.  I feel totally in my vortex when I’m out photographing the horses.  I love hearing how much people love the way they feel as they look at my artwork time and time again.   I get eager to share my work with my fellow artists in my gallery and hear about their favorites as I redesign my wall with my latest horse photographs.  I have some home decor photo items that inspire me too.  It’s fun seeing the many ways to present my work.  I am giving more attention to all areas of my business. Blogging and Social media keep me motivated too.  It does help me feel like I am working with a team that is really eager for me to succeed and they are so willing to offer me encouragement and insights.  That part is different as well but what a difference it makes overall as the year opens up and the photo shoots take shape for each new gallery showing coming up over the next few months.Pony horse with young kids-Jody Miller Equine photography

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at Arts Prescott Gallery, in Arizona.



  1. I love your work! Thank you for bringing so many different photos and setting to choose from while still keeping true to the emotions you feel when photographing them. It comes through in all of them.

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