Equine Journalist-Guest Blog for Horse Photographer Jody L Miller

Guest Blog-Åsa Björklund, Freelance Equine Journalist

Guest Blog-Åsa Björklund, Freelance Equine Journalist

Equine Journalist-Guest Blog for Photographer Jody MillerFirst of all, thank you Jody for inviting me to blog on your site!

When Jody asked me to write about being an equine writer, I was first surprised, thinking “Equine writer? Me?” Then I realized I actually am. Well, I do write about many other topics too, but the majority is about horses.

I now work for several horse magazines in Europe. Particularly Western horseback riding is something us Europeans can’t get enough of. I remember watching old black and white John Wayne movies as a kid and dreaming of one day riding through the desert, preferably against a dramatic sunset… When I first visited Monument Valley it felt surreal: as if I had just stepped into the TV and was part of the movie (but in color, of course). When I visit ranches and talk to the cowboys and cowgals I sometimes get that feeling again. Of course, their lives are often tough and I doubt John Wayne’s characters had to worry about the IRS and the water bill, but much of the cattle work remains similar to in the old days. And the famous big skies are the same, that feeling of freedom and space.

Equine Journalist-Guest Blog for Horse Photographer Jody L Miller

Sometimes one of the editors in Europe will ask me to cover a subject, such as a specific horse trainer or a ranch, but more often I come up with an idea and then pitch it to the magazines. To get new ideas, I talk to my friends and check magazines and online sources. Nothing beats word of mouth, though, so if you have any suggestions about interesting horse-related subjects, feel free to contact me!

I feel very fortunate to meet so many interesting and inspiring people (Jody being my latest victim!) who are willing to share their stories with me, despite time being short and chores piling up. The biggest professional risk for me is the temptation to buy every beautiful (and pricey!) horse I see while on assignment. Recently, I fell in love with a gorgeous Paint called Moon that was the descendant of Ray Hunt´s favorite horse. Moon kept following me around like a puppy, nuzzling my neck for attention as I was taking photos. One day, I will get my own horse, and ride into that dramatic sunset…

By Åsa Björklund

Email: asa@saraguate.com


Equine Journalist-Guest Blog for Horse Photographer Jody L MillerAsa found me and my work at Arts Prescott Gallery in Prescott Arizona.  She is inspired every day with a photo of Fabio in her office. Stay tuned for links and tweets about the article Asa is writing about me for her European Magazines!

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at Arts Prescott Gallery, in Arizona.

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