Girls Can be cowboys-Jody L. Miller Horse Photography

Girls Can be Cowboys Too! – Guest Blog

Girls can be Cowboys too! A guest blog from author, Rose Miller. 

Jody had me as a guest blogger a couple of years ago, that time I wrote about why I love to write books. My books are non-fiction “Pet Memoirs,” about horses, dogs, and mules. After the dog book, I thought I would stop writing and enjoy riding my horse and mules, but in the meantime, I met a wonderfully funny and strong woman who was my neighbor. She was so entertaining with her numerous stories and I laughed so much and so hard, I went away thinking: This could be a book!

Her name is Kim McElroy and the book became: GIRLS CAN BE COWBOYS TOO! My first intention was toGirls can be cowboys too! Jody L. Miller Horse Photography have it be about ranch wives who can do everything and anything between cooking, cleaning, castrating and breaking horses, BUT even with recommendations, I did not have enough of them. In asking for referrals I began to gather an eclectic bunch of gals who had two things in common: they loved the land and their animals. The land might be just ten acres and the animals just one cow, but the book began to take shape.

Another wonderful friend, Nadine Nel, went with me (and drove) as we traversed the Arizona country side to Wickenburg, Dewey, Skull Valley, and the Prescott area. Several came to visit me and a few were interviewed by phone, or wrote their own story.


It became a BIG BOOK, with 450 plus pages because I

Girls can be cowboys- Jody L. Miller Horse Photography

Mary Matli- courtesy photo

simply did not have the heart to cut any stories. Some are more dramatic than others, but all are poignant in their own way. The 38 stories are written as conversations, and told in the ladies’ own words. It is easy to read and like a box of decadent chocolates, can be savored one by one.

Girls Can be cowboys-Jody L. Miller Horse PhotographyThe beautiful lady on the cover is Jane, and she shares her own story. This awesome picture was taken by Bev Pettit a professional photographer; she is also in the book.

Liz Stegmeir, shares what it was like working for Circle L Rescue for 7 years, and after it was restructured now working to start a new dog and cat rescue/sanctuary: AARF in Prescott Valley.


Because I have and love mules, there are several mule stories. Maybe my favorite is about Eve and Ears who did the 2017 Tevis Cup in California. Now that is one brave (slightly crazy?) lady. This year she did it with her horse, and while an accomplishment, it was not like the mule ride. See for yourself!

Girls can be cowboys- Jody L. Miller Horse Photographer

Cheryl and Verdick – courtesy photo


Girls can be cowboys-Jody L. Miller Horse Photographer

Kimberly Henson and Dozer

Because of my love of animals, I donate all my book money to various small animal welfare/charities locally and some farther away, such as the Florence hurricane victims. Enjoy a splendid book and help an animal!This is the link to my website book page where you can find all the books, and links to order from Amazon and me. Ebook is 9.99, Amazon 27.00, and presently I am selling for 24.00 and will autograph and mail.


Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography. Check out her Cowgirl photos as well.

Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  The Phippen Art Museum, Hart of AZ Gallery and Dragonfly Arts in Old Town Cottonwood and Coops Coffee House at Talking Rock Ranch.  Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery in Prescott, Arizona

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