horse photo coasters

Creating Horse Photo Coasters-DIY

Creating Horse photo coasters

I decided to take on creating horse photo coasters as a DIY project.  Although I enjoy watching HGTV and it’s slew of Do It Yourself Projects, I do not typically get myself involved in many DIY things.  Many of you know from my blogs that I have expanded into four local galleries over the summer.  I am thrilled at the way each one allows me to branch out a little with what I offer through their gallery.

horse photo coastersI decided to offer some of my horse photos in the form of a coaster.  Horse photo coasters are a new product for me to offer.  I package them in two’s and you can mix and match them, give them as gifts, use for stocking stuffers, house warming gifts, college bound horse lovers gifts, office coasters – you get the idea!  Lots of reasons to have a couple, or four.  It was fun to choose some of the photos that I would not make into a canvas or a print.  I also had a great time putting a little handcrafted touch into them as well.  The tables in my house are filled with horse photo coasters drying on dixie cups. I used modge podge to apply the photo and then a high gloss resin coating to seal and waterproof the coaster.   Yes, each one is made and wrapped up by me!  I feel that these Horse Photo Coasters adds a nice personal touch.  I even got some hay bale string to tie the horse photo coaster sets together.

Horse photo calendars-What day is it?

I also make calendars every year of some of my best horse photos.  I love the opportunity for people to take their favorite horse photos of mine with them to the office or wherever they need to keep track of what day it is.  I feel like Horse photo coasters and calendars-Jody L. Millerit offers them more time with the photos that they love to look at.  I am happy that I can offer them in a quality print for a great price.  I added this to a few more of the galleries so that more people have a chance to enjoy them or share them with their friends and family as gifts.  Remember, the 2017 Calendar features 12 images from the Salt River Wild Horses and a portion of each sale goes towards the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group to help care for rescued horses.

Horse photos on your personal writing journal.

horse photo coastersThis year, due to expanding into four new galleries I found these great journals that I can put my horse photos on the front and back covers of.  I picked out four beautiful photos, 3 on the front cover and 1 on the back cover.  I love how they turned out.  I think it makes a great gift for teens or even college age kids keeping track of the details of their life.  Lots of great ways to use the blank lined pages inside and when you reach for it, you get to see some of your favorite horse photos to cheer you as you take care of keeping yourself organized.   It also works as a normal journal – ha ha!  You could write about your horses, your love of horses, or just keep a list of what they need, all in one place.

I am eager to grow with these galleries and continue to carry my horse photography canvases as they come to life throughout the year with me.  I am also delighted to offer some exclusive gifts to keep you close to my horse photography or the ability to share it when you need to purchase a gift for someone.  Stop in to the gallery closest to you and find some fun items that fit what you are looking for today!  Enjoy!


horse photo coaster

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  Arts Prescott Gallery, Sedona’s Village Gallery , Easy Street Galleria in Carefree and Dragonfly Arts in Cottonwood.

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