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Co-creating my journey as an artist

Co-creating my journey as an artist.

co-creating artist- Horse photographer Jody MillerMy journey of co-creating my life as an artist has been altered!  Yes, that’s right- I got married last month.  The co-creating portion during the past few years has been pointed and intentional and fantastic.  I’ve realized a few ways that my journey as an artist has meant co-creating this life with many people along the way. Co-creating can occur through people or actions that contribute for an outcome.  Many of the contributors to my journey as an artist probably did not even realize they were contributing but as I reflect back- I can see the effects.

I made my first Horse connection through a dear friend while I was in high school.  She taught me to be patient with a horse- to allow them a safe place to approach you and be approached.  She shared her horse communication skills and she also encouraged me to take out my camera and capture these beautiful creatures on film.  Those were the first steps in co-creating my journey as an artist and at the time it truly never occurred to me that I would grow up to be a Equine Fine Art Photographer. 

My father passed away at a very young age and was not fully supportive of my ideas of becoming a photographer.  I’m sure he worried about me and wanted me to not struggle financially.  Hard work, dedication and lifetime Careers were much more “mainstream’ in those days.  As a salesman my father did however, listen to audio cassette tapes from spiritual and motivational speakers like Wayne Dyer, Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar and Leo Buscaglia.  I recall being inspired by their words and a feeling of comfort and ease when we would listen together in his car.  My father was part of my co-creating my life as an artist as he opened my mind to the power of positive thought.  When my father passed, I found solace with the horses.  I would sit for hours in their stalls just being quiet and feeling their loving energy. 

I had considered my oldest brother or my mother to be the artist in our family.  My mom also enjoyed art when she was younger and could paint and draw, she did some crazy creative decor in our rooms as a kid. My brother was, and is, an amazing map artist. Although, he calls himself a City Planner I still consider him to be a map artist-I would sit for hours in his room while he would draw town maps and we’d listen to KC Kasem top 40 countdown.  He’s can also draw the entire United States map to scale on an etch-a-sketch.  My other siblings were not as creative but they co-creating artist- Horse photographer Jody Millerboth have excelled in the art of sports and fitness.

Growing up with my family was certainly fun but we were not the best communicators- and we struggle even today to share openly and honestly with each other.  Perhaps that was not the “in” thing to do back in the 70’s and 80’s.  One thing I acknowledge is that my family was and is doing the best they can to communicate with the tools we each have.  As an adult I continued with “adult” relationships that also lacked good communication skills.  My own insecurities kept me from following my heart and my dream of becoming a Horse artist.  I took the practical career path: first  in retail management and then later as a computer technician.  I always felt like something was missing – I was not around horses much at all.  That was an empty time for me- I continued to sense my calling of taking photographs of horses and struggled to find my way back to that dream. 


Honor your wife’s dreams?

Today I was listening to a youtube video: Dr. John Gottman about marriage.  One of the tips he offers is to Honor your wife’s dreams!  I would bet that my past partners never really even knew my dreams but my partner now-definitely knows my dreams and we are co-creating each of our dreams together every day.  I have a strong sense that we are both interested in each other and wanting to work together to have our dreams come true.  I love knowing that the law of attraction has brought all this to me and continues to flow. 

Other Artists contributions to co-creating

I mentioned to someone recently how blessed I am to know some truly wonderful, kind and talented artists.  Since joining Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery in 2009 I have benefited from the support and generosity of some local Prescott artists.  I enjoy my ability to give back to the gallery and to gain some great friends.  

The list can go on to thank those that are co-creating my wonderful life as an artist.  The supporters and collectors and admirers of my artwork all keep me motivated to keep creating new work and keep shooting.  This is a wonderful journey we are all on together and I am loving every precious moment of it. 

co-creating artist- Horse photographer Jody Miller


Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  Arts Prescott Gallery CO-OWNER,   Dragonfly Arts in Cottonwood and Coops Coffee House at Talking Rock Ranch, Prescott Family Diner.  Jody is also participating in the Prescott Area Artists’ Studio Tour Oct.6, 7 and 8, 2017




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