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Click: Expose The West Fine Art Photography Show

Click: Expose The West Fine Art Photography Show opened this past weekend at The Phippen Western Art Museum. It was a great opening Click: Expose the West Jody L. Miller Equine Photographyreception where most of the talented photographers were in attendance. The fine art photography representing the west ranged from typical western images like cattle, cowboys, horses, roping, branding and wild horses to vast landscapes, night astrophotography as well as dramatic black and white portrait photography.

Photography in History

Commercially introduced in 1839, practical photography was a cumbersome process requiring loads of equipment and lots of time. And while the tools and chemicals necessary to create photographic images were bulky and caustic, they were hauled through some of the most unforgiving environments in America to create the first portraits and landscapes of the American West. From Edward Curtis to Ansel Adams, these extremely dedicated photographers of the past documented and paid tribute to the West through their amazing photos.

Click: Expose the West

Click: Expose the West Phippen MuseumThe Phippen Museum presents the images of their modern day counterparts in Click: Expose the West, an exhibition of fine art photography featuring artists who illuminate our surroundings and give new perspective from the smallest of details to the grandest of monuments. Phippen guests will experience an exhibit that broadens the viewer’s expectations of the world around them. Click: Expose the West runs from March 7th through July 19th, 2020. The show is comprised with mostly Arizona photographers and a few select photographers from the surrounding states. Many well known photographers are participating in the Click: Expose the West show right alongside upcoming talent.

You can click here to view the entire selection of artwork being offered.


Hubble Telescope and Saints and Sinners

Towards the back of the gallery is a small collection of spectacular images taken from the Hubble Telescope. Coinciding with Click: Expose the West Show is The Saints and Sinners Exhibit featuring Spanish Colonial Art with many pieces on loan from private collections.

Another Phippen Museum Show

This is not my first show at The Phippen Art Museum. In 2006, they held a photographic show called “Fresh Eyes: Emerging Photographic Talents of the West” where I was the recipient of the Phippen Award for Bringing ’em Home

Coming soon to the Phippen Museum is my third year participating in the annual Hold Your Horses Exhibit and Sale. I look forward to many more shows at The Phippen Museum.

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