How to Choose the Perfect Equine Photographer

How to Choose the Perfect Equine Photographer

How to choose an equine photographerHorses are majestic creatures. Photographing them is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be really vigilant and careful as the smallest of movement or flash could spook them.
You need a person who not only loves horses, but also enjoys photographing them; someone who does not see this as a job, but as a lifestyle. You need someone who can connect with the horse on a spiritual level and being out your equine fellow’s best features and inner strength through the lens.
That is the kind of photographer who will capture the true beauty of you and your horse; someone who’s not only good at communicating with a horse but someone with an eye that can bring out the best in your horse.
Thus it is important that you choose a professional equine photographer because they know all the ropes.
Here are a few tips that will help you choose the perfect horse photographer.

Style of an Equine Photographer

No one wants standard old pictures; you can get those yourselves with a selfie. You want something that will capture the essence of your horse. You need someone who can understand your equine friend and captivate the inner beauty and determination of your gentle beast.
Something that you will look at years later and remember the amazing time you had in the photo shoot.
Before choosing a photographer, look at their portfolio to see if their style of horse photography matches your vision.

Personality of your Equine Photographer

The personality of the photographer is another important thing to look for. When you have a session How to choose an equine photographerwith a horse, you need a photographer who will understand your emotions and work them to their advantage. A person who has grown up with horses or worked at a ranch will be ideal.
You need someone who is approachable and warm. It is important that your horse is comfortable around that person. Horses are very intelligent creatures and can sense emotions really fast.
You will be spending a few hours with the horse photographer, and you can’t do that with a person whose personality clashes with yours or with that of your equine friend.

Prices for an Equine Photographer

Another thing to consider when choosing a perfect equine photographer is their pricing. You need to choose one whose prices you will be comfortable with.
The best photographers offer different packages, depending on the time of the session and the services they can offer.
You can choose the one best suited for you.

Open Communication between you and your equine photographer

There needs to an open communication between you and your photographer. That way you can tell what you want the photographer to capture in their camera.
If this is your first time taking a picture with your horse, a great equine photographer will let you know what to expect prior to the shoot.

Creating Equine Art

choosing an equine photographer

You are not just taking pictures, you are creating art. Equine home décor looks amazing on your walls, especially if it is custom made and just for you.
Imagine having that one of a kind piece for your collection?
And art can’t be produced by an amateur photographer. A professional equine photographer will know how to capture the perfect frame that will not only liven up your room, but will also give you an amazing memory to hold on to.
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