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A Horse that doesn’t trot? And other stories…

We asked author, Rose Miller (no relation) on why she writes books about horses and animals.

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By Rose Miller

I began writing my story, the story of my life actually, in the summer of 2005.    As a woman who did not go 4 years to a college, get a degree and then do something “worthwhile” with it, I did not consider myself on par with my daughter Sharon who was brilliant in many things and became a top sales rep for Merck Pharmaceuticals, making big bucks, I might add, or daughter Michal who became a police officer, or my husband, who was a well loved chiropractor, or my son Roger who has a PHD in something and now has a top position in the Government’s  National Institute of Health.

When Sharon was very sick she told me that my life experiences were worth as much as anyone’s education, and that I should write them down and she would make a “resume” for me to prove that I was as noteworthy as they. It never happened because I never sat down and did it and all too soon she was gone.

Rose Miller riding Praise Hallelujah Stallion

Rose on her Stallion, Praise Hallelujah

One cold, snowy winter evening I was reading a book about someone’s experiences with sheep dogs, I heard Sharon speak to me in my heart, “Mom, you can do that.” I had never ever thought about writing stories or for Heaven’s sake, a book!  She was my inspiration and I just started to write. It was as though the stories mostly told themselves, and as my fingers flew over the computer keyboard I remembered things I had thought long forgotten.

The author of “The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot”

I started at the beginning of my life as a child who loved animals but had to do with the stuffed kind. Then when the family moved to a hilltop Pennsylvania farm, the real kind. Later when I married and we moved to Indiana, we eventually purchased a farm where I could follow my childhood dream: Raise horses. The story I was writing became several books, two still in the computer and the first one published: “The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot” about my life with horses, mainly the Tennessee Walking Horse. A horse that does not trot, but does a lovely gliding smooth gait instead.

“Mules, Mules and More Mules”

Author Rose Miller and her mules

Rose and her grand daughter

Two more books followed: “Mules, Mules and More Mules” about an older lady who retired from showing and breeding horses and desired the easy equine life. Getting a mule to trail ride did not turn out quite like I had expected, but I wrote about my adventures—some humorous, some educational.

The last book is about our dogs. The many, many dogs we have cherished and lost. In the words of a close friend: “The just do not live long enough” is surely true.

So I guess why I write is to continue sharing my life’s resume. One that has been made rich by the love and companionship of many four-footed furry creatures.

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Horse books by Rose Miller 

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