4th Friday Art Walk, Prescott Arizona with Jody L. Miller Equine Photographer

4th Friday Art Walk adventures in Prescott, AZ

4th Friday Art Walk in Prescott Arizona

In case you had not noticed, every 4th Friday art Walk in Prescott Arizona you will find me at Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery. This past Friday was no exception. The weather in Prescott was just beautiful on Friday and Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery was filling with people. Many came for the opening reception of featured Artist Paul Landis. Paul joined the gallery a month ago.  “Paul works primarily in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel with aircraft-grade riveting and acrylic paint, materials that are sturdy, flexible, and colorful, yet lightweight enough to really let the mobiles dance. ” I was recalling how much fun my opening reception was during 4th Friday Art Walk in August 2018 and how perfect that evening was.

Upon arrival Friday I started talking with a woman and her sister. They were standing in front of my display when we arrived and they were enjoying 4th Friday Art Walk, Prescott Arizona Jody L. Miller Equine Photographermy horse art. They were especially drawn to one of my newer images called Majestic. I shared with them that Majestic is part of my Windswept Mane’s Collection, a photo shoot I did on the beach in Florence Oregon with a Black Friesian Stallion named Xander and a White Andalusian Stallion called Thor. One woman shared her story of seeing wild horses in Chincoteague, a place have yet to photograph.  She was also an artist, a potter and had just moved into her new custom home on Palmer Hill in Prescott, AZ.  Most of her home is expansive windows offering a 320 degree view and she has yet to hang a picture on the wall. I suspect she may be back from Majestic!

I always enjoy visiting with people as they come in to Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery. What a pleasant way to spend the evening. It’s always easier for me to jump in when the conversation starts flowing and thankfully for me, I am with a partner that enjoys participating in that part of my life as well.

The staff at Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery

Another favorite part of the 4th Friday Art Walk outings in Prescott is the chance to visit with the amazing owners 4th Friday Art Walk, Prescott Arizona Jody L. Miller Equine Photographerand staff at Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery. They recently celebrated 15 years in business. I’m about to celebrate one year of being a part of that family. I enjoy chatting with them about their vacations, new art additions and exchanging ideas about promoting the gallery. I sincerely enjoy connecting with them all as my friends. They each make being a part of the gallery a lovely experience because I know they are sincere about selling my artwork but they are never pushy. 

The vibe in the gallery Friday night was upbeat! The wine was being poured, the food table was being refilled and the crowd really enjoyed the cool jazz from Bill Lieske and Steven Ayers.

4th Friday Art Walk in Prescott routine

So I’ve been honing my 4th Friday Art Walk routine as I mentioned.  I’m enjoying expanding that to a wonderful evening in the town I love so much!

One of the places we love to go is Limoncellos, which is just around the corner from Van Gogh’s Ear in the Firehouse Plaza on Goodwin Street. I enjoy this restaurant, partly because I am married to an Italian, partly because they went through incredible efforts to bring a wood fired pizza oven all the way from Italy-but mostly because we really love the pizza. We enjoy the thin crust, rich with flavors and the mild sauce. The herbs and cheeses are piled on top and once baked in the wood fired oven, it comes out soft yet crispy. It’s an entire experience!

4th Friday Art Walk, Prescott Arizona Jody L. Miller Equine Photographer

So how much do I love this pizza? I’m glad you asked. I’m willing to change my 4th Friday Art Walk routine to include eating here dinner here every 4th Friday.  We enjoyed the charm of the owner, we enjoyed watching the sun set from out patio table, we enjoyed the great weather, the Chianti and Pizza and of course the home made Limoncello drink to finish the meal.

Ciao for now- stay tuned for adventures from next 4th Friday Art Walk in Prescott Arizona!

Jody L. Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at these Arizona Galleries:  Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery in Prescott, Arizona , The Phippen Art Museum, Hart of AZ Gallery in Old Town Cottonwood and Coops Coffee House at Talking Rock Ranch.


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