Sorry- there are no workshops scheduled for 2019 or 2020.


Horse photography workshops with Jody

I’ve been honing my photographic skills for years.  Decades actually.  For avid photographers, both amateurs and pros alike, workshops provide a great way to meet other members of your community, network, and develop new techniques.  Did you like the way I slipped the word “develop” in there?

To be honest, for years I have attended horse photography workshops with some of the “big names” in our specialized photographic niche.  Sometimes those big name photographers were giving the workshop, and sometimes they were attending it.  Once I met a favorite photographer at a workshop.  She wasn’t running it, she was attending……  and that got me thinking about what it is I have to offer our community!

Photographers are their own worst critics.  We all have an insatiable desire to compare our works against the works of others.  And often we find ourselves lacking in our own eyes.  But when you’re asked time and again, “When are you going to start offering workshops” it finally sinks in.  In your own community’s eyes, you too are one of the recognized names.  And in fact, you do have something to offer to your community.


Real southwestern horse photography workshops!

Have you ever imagined roaming through the southwest.  Just drifting along the back country roads of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada?  Yes, you have….you know you have.

Now, have you ever imagined roaming the desert southwest on horseback?  Scenes of the cowboys on the open plains following along with a herd, set high atop their trusted steeds?  While the days of the Western expansion are over, ranchers and farm hands are still out there today.  They’re still on horseback, and they’re still working their properties.  And their constant companions and coworkers are their horses.

Stop imagining for a moment now.  Prescott Arizona is my home town.  And Prescott still has working horses and working ranch hands.  We have high open plains, majestic mountains, amazing places to ride, and some stunning horses.