How about some FUN RAISING with Horses!

That’s a phrase we coined because it’s so much fun to give back to the community with fun raising with horses, or  fundraising.  I’ve lived in Prescott, Arizona for 16 years and in that time I’ve become fairly well known here.  I’ve created many Horse Art Collectors and admirers of my Horse Photography.
I love to give back through photo donations!

One of the funnest FUN RAISING with horses methods has been private photo shoots for area horse rescue foundations.  My most recent Horse Photo shoots have been with Arizona American Saddlebred Foundation from New River and Double H Equine Rescue from Sedona. Basically, I do a photo shoot of the horses at these rescues and then offer my images for sale with a donation rate  of 10% , because it’s so much FUN to give back and help.  That means that if you purchase an image from me that was taken on their facility, I will donate 10% of the sale to that organization.

Last year I spent some time photographing the Wild Horses on the Salt River.  I’m happy to include them in my FUN RAISING with horses list horse fun raisingand 10 % of anything purchased from the Salt River Horse Gallery will be donated to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

I’m really enjoying getting to know all these groups that are so passionate about horses, like me.

Double Donating when you purchase Horse photos.

As an extra bonus for 2017, I am also offering a Horse Rescue code to be used on my entire site.  So, if you see another horse photo that you like in any gallery on my website then you can use that code. 10% of your purchase will be donated to that organization.

Donating with Horse Photo events.

horse fun raisingAnother way  of fun raising with horses that allows me to also give to my community is to offer my services as a Horse photographer taking photos for a specific organization or fund raising event.  I have photographed horses for the Horse calendar for the Yavapai Humane Society.  I have photographed horse events for local Junior Rodeo Association.  I have also photographed organized horseback rides for Horses with Heart and Granite Mountain Riders Association.  These groups have used my images to help promote their cause and FUN-RAISE and it is very rewarding to be able to assist with those events.

Donating with Horse Art.

Another method of FUN-RAISING I continue to do is donate pieces of my Horse art to local charities for Silent Auctions.  These local charities sell my Horse Art at their annual Charity events and 100% of the proceeds to directly to help the charity.

A few of these other local Charities include:

  • Western Heritage Foundation
  • Bethany’s Gait Ranch
  • The Highland Center- Wonder the Wild
  • Yavapai Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Meals on Wheels


Use Code DOUBLEH at
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