Jody Miller’s commissioned proof page

If you’ve commissioned Jody for a private horse photo session then your gallery will be shown below. Galleries can be public or private.

Below are some images from a recent photo shoot with artist, Jodi Maas and her father Orlo Jantz. It was a beautiful evening on their ranch in Prescott Arizona. Both horses were feeling spunky and performed for the camera. Jodi’s horse, Blondie is an eye catching Palomino Paint Overo.

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph two young Arabian Horse foals. Below are the fun outcome of my photo shoot with Effee Conner’s new filly and colt.
It had been a while since I have been around young foals. I forgot how different they smell compared to adult horses. I’m not sure how exactly to describe it, a softer newborn scent. I’ve heard people comment on how babies smell and this transfers to baby horses too. They were soft and cuddly. The filly and colt followed me closely and cautiously. I had to continuously move back to even get them in my viewfinder without just photographing a close up of their muzzle.

Broken Horn D Ranch in Prescott, Arizona. Kim McElroy and Dave Pawel offer Criollo beef for sale at their ranch and at the local Prescott farmers market. Criollo beef comes from cattle of Spanish origin, specially adapted to hot, arid climates. Their cattle are smaller and lighter framed than traditional beef breeds. Recently they invited me to photograph a round-up and branding session.


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