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Windswept Manes collection moves photographer into Equine Home Decor

Last October I released my latest collection of horse photos.  I named the collection  “Windswept Manes”.  I had taken a workshop with Tamara Gooch for romantic dream horses on the beach and when I came home and edited them I was moving into larger scale canvas and wanted to introduce my life size photographs in a new way.Equine Fine Art Home Decor-Jody Miller Photography

Horse photo reveal party in a private home.

“Why not have a private unveiling in someone’s home to introduce your latest series even before you put it in your gallery?”  I mentioned it to two admirers of my work, as well as being great friends. As I finished my sentence they said we want to have the party at our place.  What?!  Are you kidding me?  Yes, that would be fantastic!  We set a date, sent out personalized invitations, I chose what pieces would be my largest of the show, bought a new dress and shoes, we discussed a guest list and menu and got ready for the date to arrive.  As the date came closer we discussed where to display them in their home.  “Move whatever you would like to off the walls and feel free to move the furniture too if you think that would help you group them in a way that is fitting for them.”   Holy cow they are real supporters of my work!  I was so happy to have them be the first ones to see it and usher it into the selling arena, I cannot thank Julie and Dennis Jennings enough for supporting me in this!

Great wine, great food, great horse photographs.

Opening night and the crowd came out for some great wine, great food, and some great horse photographs presented in an actual home setting.  It was easy to see how these photos would fit in in a real life home setting.   Equine Fine Art Home Decor-Jody Miller horse photographer

The colors went well with their decor.  All of it came together and people loved it.  Many of the guests realized that they knew one another from other places and the conversations came easily and everyone had a great time.  I ended up having a best seller from the party. I also enjoyed the great momentum to carry the series into Arts Prescott Gallery where I have shown my work since 2009.  I was so excited after the private showing that I hung them in the gallery before the time I had set.  It was really wonderful to have my colleagues sending me emails and voice mails with congratulations and words of appreciation for my new series.   This has been some of my most favorite pieces that I have done throughout my career as a professional horse photographer.  I am eager to show them to art lovers in the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona area when I do a guest artist exhibit in June and July at the Village Gallery.  I will take them to Williams, AZ to show them to that audience as well in August at the   The Gallery in Williams.

Home decor using Equine Fine Art.Equine Fine Art Home Decor-Jody Miller horse photographer

I am offering several of these romantic horse photos in home decor items to highlight the way they fit into the home and give back as you look at them each day.  I think they make excellent custom duvet covers or a custom shower curtain and it is a great way to have them as part of your everyday living when you run out of wall space!  All the images on my site are available in gallery wrap canvas as well as a variety of home decor items.  I knew that they would be excellent in this capacity as I have been living with several of them on my walls lately and feel the way they are such a presence in the private space of my home.

Jody Miller is a professional photographer specializing in Horse Photography, Equine Photography, and Equestrian photography.  Her work can be viewed online here in her gallery section, and she is also featured at Arts Prescott Gallery, in Arizona.

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